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Advantages to using our service

Internet Service Providers often treat Newsgroups as a pain in the ass; especially the alt.binaries newsgroups. In fact, many ISP's don't even offer usenet service. Well, we understand why... in order to offer quality usenet access you have to nurse your news server like a baby. At, the servers are maintained by a group of professionals! The experienced Newsmasters maintain over 1 million articles across thousands of newsgroups with over 50 incoming and outgoing feeds daily.

* We offer full usenet access to ALL COUNTRIES around the world *

Fast Access World Wide Access - Multiple lightning fast OC 12 connections!!
We are the best usenet provider on the planet! With a combination of powerful newsgroup servers and bandwidth, the servers have the capacity to handle tens of thousands of simultaneous users from anywhere in the world with NO bottlenecks. The newsgroup servers won't even break a sweat. Try out one of the multiple newsgroup servers in different geographical locations and choose the one that provides the fastest access for your area.
Accessible from Anywhere in the World
Many ISP's don't carry newsgroups, and even if they do, you're only able to connect to the newsgroups when you're on your ISP's network (if you access the Internet from a hotel, while travelling, etc. you won't have access to your ISP newsgroups). When you join our service, you'll be given a log-in (username) and password along with a list of servers to access (can also be found on members page here). With that account information, you can access the newsservers from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. That way, if you're travelling, switch ISPs, etc. you'll still have access to newsgroups.
Daily and monthly (block) usage limits available

We offer different service levels to meet your usenet newsgroup needs. Get Access Today! This allows you to get un-fettered access to all the discussion forums available on Usenet. Our retention of articles, extremely high at 200 days, allows threads/conversations/posts to be fully followed from start-finish.

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